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I wrote and tested this patch on all openssh-3.(5+)p+ software on Redhat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 8.0, ES2.1, AS2.1, AS3.0, and Fedora Core 2. It has also been reported to work under other operating systems. See the README in the download section for details. I have received emails from people on the ssh mailing list who said that it also works on Solaris and on Redhat 9, but I haven't confirmed this myself. However, the patch does not use any operating-system specific system calls, so if you are able to compile openssh on your system, the patch should work.

If you successfully use the patch on a different operating system or with a different version of openssh, I'd like to hear about it:

If the patch fails to compile or work, let me know.

Basic Installation

To install this patch you will need:
- the GNU "patch" program
- the source code for openssh-3.xpx

1. Unpack the openssh source (/path/to/openssh-3.xp1)
2. download the patch and put it in /path/to (don't stick it in the openssh directory)
3. run: "patch -p0 < openssh-3.xp1.sftplogging.patch"
4. compile openssh with your normal compile options
5. edit /etc/syslog.conf to if you're using ftp logging

Installation with chroot-ssh patch

Many users use this patch in conjunction with the chroot-ssh and chroot-sftp-server patches. You may need to perform the following: make a /path/to/chroot/dev/log and run syslogd -a /path/to/chroot/dev/log, because your chroot environment will need its own /dev/log. More detailed instructions are provided in the README in the download section.


Everything you need to use it is included in the man pages. Basically, there are six new directives at your disposal in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

For more info, see man sftp-server (8) and man sshd_config (5). is hosting this site